Almoraima is world music band based in Salento in southern Italy, which fuses Flamenco and Middle Eastern sounds.

The name of the group derives from a strip of land in Andalusia where Sindi gyspy tribes from Rajasthan, the moors from Maghreb, Jews and Spanish came together playing music.

The group, which is lead by songwriter and guitarist Massimiliano Almoraima, recently welcomed the talented Alessia Tondo whose rich vocals and background in world music enhances the sound of Almoraima.

The band is composed of percussionist Roberto Chiga, Argentinean cellist Federico Musarò, Cuban double bassist Pavel Ruiz Molina, and Salentino Trumpeter Giorgio Distante.

The group has released the following four records:

Amor Gitano, ed. AnimaMundi 2010, combines Arabic sounds with those of both modern and traditional flamenco;
Banjara, ed. AnimaMundi 2013 an energetic mix of gypsy Andalusian flamenco with an Arabic influence;
Flamenco-Fusion, ed. Roots of Pushkar 2014, recorded in India with Rajasthani singer Banarsi Babu, captures a spontaneous moment of the merging of estranged cultures;
Café Cantante, ed. AnimaMundi 2015, recent travels to Cuba and the influence of south American and Latin American band members inspired this fusion of Latin American beat and Flameno with accenting hints of Jazz.

Its versatile sound brought Almoraima to diverse events and festivals around the world including, the Film Fund Festival together with the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, the Folkest Festival, OFFF of the Apulia Film Commission, the Festival music dei popoli, the Nomad Dance fest, the Festival dell’Oriente, the Mediterranean Radio Festival, the Aya Napa Festival, Orientalis, the Festival Sufi, the Festival Baia das Gatas, the Holi Fest, and many more.

Almoraima has played the world over: in India, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Cape Verde, Spain, Turkey, and beyond.

From October 2013 to October 2015, Banjara was selected as “record of the week” by Fahrenheit, a noted radio program on Rai 3 in Italy.